Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Holiday Update

As we pause to observe the Thanksgiving holiday, I wanted to take a moment to provide a legislative update.

NC House Leadership

The NC House Republican Caucus recently met to select our leadership for the 2015-16 legislative session. Here is the new leadership team that we selected:

Speaker of the House: Tim Moore
Speaker Pro Tem: Skip Stam
Majority Leader: Mike Hager
Majority Whip: John Bell
Conference Leader: Charles Jeter
Deputy Majority Leader: Marilyn Avila
Joint Caucus Leader: Pat Hurley

These nominations will be made official when the NC House convenes on January 14th for the Opening Day of the 2015-16 legislative session.

Republicans Retain Majority

Republicans were able to defend the legislative majority in both the NC House and Senate in the 2014 elections cycle. In the NC House, Republicans had a net loss of three seats, resulting in a 74-46 majority. In the NC Senate, Republicans gained one seat, resulting in a 34-16 majority.

Lottery Oversight Committee

Earlier this month I was appointed by NC House Speaker Thom Tillis to serve as an advisory member of the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on the NC Lottery. I am honored to receive this appointment. My goal on this committee will be to ensure that the advertising practices of the lottery are non-deceptive, and that the generated revenue is allocated exclusively to public education.

Economy Shows Improvement

The latest jobs report shows that North Carolina's unemployment rate has dropped to 6.3 percent in October, which is down from 6.7 percent in September. Approximately 17,000 new jobs were added in that time period. There is still work to do, but the data suggests that we are moving in the right direction in terms of job creation.

Honored to Serve

Recently I received a certificate from the Guilford County Board of Elections certifying my reelection to the NC House. It is an honor to serve as the Representative for NC House District 59. I am grateful for every person who supported my campaign, and I appreciate each vote that was cast in favor of my reelection. I will continue to do this job to the best of my ability.

Legislative Schedule

The NC General Assembly will convene for Opening Day on January 14th, 2015, which is when we will officially elect our leadership and adopt the rules of the legislature. This is also the day in which each member of the legislature will take the oath of office. We will then recess and reconvene on January 28th, when we will begin work for the 2015-16 legislative session.

Immigration Reform

President Obama overstepped his bounds when he issued an executive order to reform our immigration system. Domestic policy of this nature should not be dictated by the executive branch; it should originate in the U.S. Congress. The newly-elected Republican majority in the U.S. House and Senate (which will be seated in January 2015) should be given a chance to take office and offer an immigration reform plan.

This is not a partisan issue; it is a matter of enforcing our laws and establishing an immigration system that is fair and efficient.

Christmas Parades

There are two Christmas Parades that I will be participating in this year:

Pleasant Garden Christmas Parade
Sunday, December 7th
3:00 PM

Gibsonville Christmas Parade
Saturday, December 13th
2:00 PM

As always, I am looking forward to participating in these parades. I will be driving my red Ford Mustang, which will be decorated for the occasion.

Happy Thanksgiving

Best wishes to you and your family for a happy Thanksgiving. I hope that you will join me in giving thanks for the blessing of freedom that we enjoy in America. Be safe if you travel and have a great holiday!

Quote to Remember

"All across America, we gather this week with the people we love to give thanks to God for the blessings in our lives. We are grateful for our freedom, grateful for our families and friends, and grateful for the many gifts of America."

President George W. Bush
2004 Thanksgiving Proclamation