Thursday, March 24, 2011

Legislators Debate Cell Phone Limits for Drivers

Members of the NC House are debating a bill that would increase restrictions on cell phone use for those behind the wheel. There is already a ban on young drivers from using cell phones and no one is allowed to text while driving. Some legislators, however, feel that current laws are insufficient and are pushing for further restrictions.

House Bill 31, which was introduced by Rep. Garland Pierce (D – Scotland), would make using a cell phone while driving illegal unless the driver is able to talk hands-free. (Using a wireless headset or a voice-activated phone would be permissible.)

Fines of $100 or more would be levied upon those who violate the law, but driver’s license points would not be imposed. Exceptions would be allowed for making emergency 911 calls and for law enforcement officers and rescue workers performing official duties.