Thursday, October 30, 2014

Rhino Times Endorsement

It is an honor to receive the endorsement of the Rhino Times. Below is the editorial written by John Hammer endorsing our reelection campaign. It was published on Thursday, October 30th.

NC House - District 59

Republican District 59 state Rep. Jon Hardister is being challenged by Democrat Scott Jones and Libertarian Paul Meinhart.

Hardister lost his first race for the state House in 2010 to Pricey Harrison. In 2012, he won election for his first term and had a successful first session. He introduced an unusual number of bills for a first term representative and successfully shepherded them through the process to become laws. He received a 100 percent rating by the American Conservative Union and 82 percent from Civitas Action, and a 0 percent rating from the American Civil Liberties Union, which should give you a good idea of his politics.

Hardister is a popular fellow in Raleigh. At a recent fundraiser for his campaign, Gov. Pat McCrory was the main speaker, and five fellow state representatives attended from across the state to show their support.

Jones likes to run for office. He ran for governor in 2012 and sheriff of Guilford County in 2010, and this time he is running for the state House. If elected, Jones says that he will take money from the North Carolina Department of Transportation and use it to create jobs in agriculture, which is just weird.

Meinhart, as a Libertarian, has very little chance of winning, and he has some odd beliefs for someone who is supposed to be in favor of less government. He favors increasing the minimum wage and increasing Medicaid coverage.

Hardister is the best choice in this race. He has worked with the Republicans to bring about much needed reform in state government including raising education funding and raising teacher salaries. He’s also on his way to being a leader in the Republican caucus. Hardister, at 32, is one of the younger, but not the youngest member of the state House. He represents the future of the Republican Party in North Carolina, and as a native of Greensboro that’s good for our area.