Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Press Release: Rep. Jon Hardister Chosen as Emerging Leader by GOPAC

April 22, 2016

For Immediate Release

Raleigh, NC - Today Rep. Jon Hardister (R-Guilford) was chosen by GOPAC to be part of their 2016 Class of Emerging Leaders. Hardister is one of 26 legislators who were chosen from across the country to participate in the program.

On its website, GOPAC describes its mission as follows:

Since 1978, GOPAC has been a force in America because we realize Republicans must champion the ideas that unite voters around a vision of creating jobs, getting government spending under control, making government more effective, and keeping America safe. This is why Republicans turn to GOPAC for coaching and best practices on effective ways to communicate conservative ideas and solutions.

GOPAC Chairman David Avella provided the following statement regarding the Emerging Leaders program: "Leaders who can successfully promote conservative principles and ideas are essential to advancing limited, effective government. Our 2016 Class of Emerging Leaders exemplifies the promising state lawmakers who will lead in their legislative chamber and/or run for higher office. Their inclusion in our programs will provide them with guidance and support to be effective legislative and political leaders."

"It is an honor to be chosen by GOPAC to participate in the 2016 Class of Emerging Leaders, "Hardister said. "This will be an excellent opportunity to learn new ways to enhance government efficiency in North Carolina. I look forward to meeting leaders from across the country and learning from their experience."

Here is a link to GOPAC webpage, which details the 2016 Class of Emerging Leaders:

Rep. Jon Hardister