Tuesday, February 15, 2011

North Carolina Republicans Work to Reduce Government Regulations

Republicans in the North Carolina Senate are proposing legislation that would overhaul the regulatory powers of state government.

For starters, there is a bill in the Senate (SB 22) that would prohibit state agencies from imposing new regulations until a committee is put in place to oversee the process. And another bill (SJR 17) establishes the committee, which will be comprised of members of the House and Senate, to scrutinize the state regulatory process.

The committee would also travel the state to hear from business professionals and citizens on the effectiveness of existing regulations.

Both of these bills are expected to pass the Senate in the near future. In which case, they will be sent to the House for consideration.

This is good news for North Carolina because there is no question that excessive government regulations stand in the way of economic development. Putting a moratorium on new regulations and creating a special committee to scrutinize government regulations is exactly what we need.

Also, one of the best aspects of the proposed commission is the fact that it will be designed to hear input directly from our citizens. This is good because there is no doubt that our citizens can provide valuable insight as to what our government should do in terms of regulatory reform.