Thursday, June 16, 2011

General Assemby Overrides Perdue's Budget Veto

The North Carolina General Assembly has successfully voted to override Governor Perdue's historic budget veto.

Early Wednesday morning, shortly after midnight, the N.C. House voted 73-46 to override Perdue's veto. Five Democrats joined with the entire GOP House delegation in favor of the override. On Wednesday afternoon, the N.C. Senate voted 31-19 along party lines to override Perdue's veto.

Now that the veto override is complete, the $19.7 billion becomes official and will go into affect July 1.

In addition to making necessary cuts to the state's budget, the new budget allows two temporary taxes to expire and adds another tax cut for small businesses. These tax breaks will improve North Carolina's business environment, which will encourage economic growth and job creation.

Many will consider the veto override to be a major political defeat for Governor Perdue and a victory for the GOP. That may be true, but the real winner are the citizens of North Carolina.