Monday, June 13, 2011

Governor Perdue Vetoes GOP Budget

On Sunday, June 12, Governor Perdue vetoed the Republican-led General Assembly's budget plan. This marks the first time in North Carolina history that a governor has vetoed a proposed budget.

Perdue's veto comes as a disappointment to those who were hoping see a more responsible state budget. To their credit, North Carolina Republicans worked hard to create a budget that cuts government spending, allows a temporary sales tax to expire, and does not raise taxes.

The budget that the GOP proposed was a positive step towards stabilizing North Carolina's economic future. It would help to bring down the cost of government while creating a better business environment for the private sector. Unfortunately, Perdue had a different view of the situation and decided to exercise her veto power.

Now that the budget has been vetoed, the General Assembly will attempt an override. Republicans have a veto-proof majority in the Senate, but are four votes short in the House. Five Democrats in the House voted with Republicans to pass the budget. In order for the veto override to be successful, Republicans will need at least four of those five Democrats to join them.

It is expected that the General Assembly will attempt a veto override in the next day or two.