Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chris Lawyer for Greensboro City Council

Several months ago I had a conversation with a good friend of mine named Chris Lawyer. We had a discussion about politics, which wasn't an unusual topic for us to discuss. We both share a conservative political philosophy and we have a habit of discussing political issues.

While in this particular conversation, I was reminded of the passion that Chris has for helping people and establishing a better form of government. Suddenly, I remembered that municipal elections are coming up this year and an interesting idea came across my mind: Chris would make an excellent candidate for public office.

After pondering the thought for a moment, I asked Chris if he would consider running for Greensboro City Council. Without hesitation, Chris told me that he would, indeed, consider running for public office. This was a surprise to me, because I fully expected him to say no. After all, there are a lot of folks out there who would make a good candidate for public office but they don't want to enter the rugged world of politics.

But Chris had an important caveat along with being willing to run for public office: He said that he would only do so if I agreed to manage his campaign. Because I believe in Chris to such a great degree, I told him that I would be more than willing to help him get elected.

Shortly thereafter, we filed papers to form a campaign committee for Chris to run for Greensboro City Council At-Large. He decided to run for an at-large position on the City Council because he wants to serve all of Greensboro rather than a fraction of the city.

Since launching his campaign, Chris has proven to be a fantastic candidate. This is his first run for public office, but he handles himself in a professional manner and campaigning seems to come natural to him. He understands the issues facing Greensboro and he is dedicated to making his campaign a success.

Chris is a true conservative and he is passionate about securing a better future for the citizens of Greensboro. He understands that we can't spend money that we don't have and he knows that it is our citizens, not the government, that make Greensboro such a wonderful place.

As a physician assistant in a local ER, Chris has dedicated his career to helping people. While working in the ER, Chris has made a habit of listening to problems that people are having and coming up with solutions. He knows how to handle high-stress situations and he is able to work under pressure.

Furthermore, I am writing this in hopes that you will join me in supporting Chris. Running for City Council as a first-time candidate is a difficult task, but Chris is on the right track and he has an excellent chance to win.

Please vote for Chris Lawyer in the upcoming City Council Primary and encourage your friends to vote as well. Early voting began last week and the Primary Election is on October 11th.

If you have questions for Chris, feel free to send him an email: You can also find Chris on the web:

I really hope that you will support Chris. He is a person of sound character and he sincerely wants to serve the community.