Monday, April 2, 2012

Letter to the Editor (3/27/2012)

Below is a letter to the Editor in support of my campaign for NC House that was published in the Greensboro News & Record. It was written by a gentleman whom I met on the campaign trail. It is a very thoughtful letter, and I appreciate the kind words.

Hardister impresses with ideas and insight

Recently I received a surprise visit from a very nice young man who was walking the streets soliciting support for the upcoming state election. He was surprising in that he is a university graduate and wants to give back to his state by serving in the government. He was a handsome, well-groomed and very well-spoken person. He raised many questions about our local and state government and proposed answers. He also raised other general questions. His goal is to seek election as a North Carolina state representative.

I encouraged him and wished him well and expected to see him reach his goal. I was amazed at his insight into the government and his concept of the issues raised. I believe he would make a valuable asset to the government and urge your support for his election. His name is Jon Hardister, and I believe he has much to add to the state government. I encourage you also to support Jon.

Al Myrick