Thursday, November 10, 2011

Excellent Run by Chris Lawyer

Chris Lawyer, who is a close friend of mine, made an excellent run for City Council at-large. He did not win but he ran a very effective campaign and came close to getting elected.

There are three at-large seats on city council. Six candidates, including Chris Lawyer, advanced through last month’s primary contest. Out of those six candidates, the top three get elected to City Council.

With the results being complete but unofficial, Chris finished in fourth place out of the six at-large candidates. Out of more than 90,000 votes casted, Chris was less than 1,000 votes behind third place. He also won the second most amount of precincts, second only to Yvonne Johnson.

This is a very strong showing for a first-time candidate. Chris is a bright young man who has natural ability as a political candidate. Chances are good that you haven’t seen the last of Chris Lawyer.