Monday, May 7, 2012

Let's Close the Deal

Tomorrow is the day of the Primary Election, and it's time to close the deal. Please remind your family and friends to vote. We have worked hard to bring our message to the voters, and now it's a matter of getting people to the polls. 

This campaign has been a great experience. I have met a lot of wonderful people along the way, and I have enjoyed connecting with the voters. It has been a lot of hard work, but we are almost at the finish line.

Sincere concern about North Carolina's future is what inspired me to run for office. I truly believe that we need to limit the size of government, control spending, and reform our tax code in order to see a brighter future. It is important for us to bring a conservative, common-sense approach to the problems that are facing our citizens.

32 years ago Ronald Reagan said, "In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problems; government is the problem." Those words were true in 1980, and they are still true today. It is time for us to change our approach, and realize that bad government is a result of too much government.

It would be an honor to serve in the State House. I am asking one last time for your support. Please remember to vote, and spread the word to your friends and family. We are on track to win this election, but we have to continue working hard until the polls close at the end of the day tomorrow.

When the polls close tomorrow night, I plan on making an appearance at the Guilford County GOP headquarters, and then I will go to the Guilford County Courthouse to finish watching the returns. After that, I plan on meeting up with some of my supporters at Stumble Stilkins, which is located downtown on West Market Street, directly across from the Guilford County Courthouse. You are more than welcome to join us. 

If anything changes with my plans tomorrow night, I will issue updates on my Twitter account. You can follow me on Twitter at the following web address:

Also, there were several letters to the Editor in support of our campaign that were published in this week's issue of the Rhino Times newspaper. You can read those letters by going to my blog:

Times are tough, but I know that our best days are still ahead. Let's win this election and continue working to secure a better future for North Carolina. Thank you for all of your support, and I hope to see you soon.