Thursday, May 3, 2012

Rhino Times Endorses Jon Hardister for NC House

Our campaign has been endorsed by the Rhino Times, which is Guilford County's prominent conservative newspaper. I am honored to receive this endorsement.

Here is an excerpt of the endorsement, which was written by Rhino Times editor John Hammer:

Our nod goes to Hardister because of his hard work, desire, and optimistic attitude. Hardister has been going door-to-door since January. If he wins and works as hard in the state House as he did to get there, he'll make a difference for Guilford County.

I also think it is important to elect some younger people to office. How in the world is the government going to run in 10 years if voters today refuse to elect anyone under 40 to office because they don't have enough life experience? It's kind of like that problem of not being able to get that first job because you don't have the experience, and in this case it is not experience in office but simply life experience.

Hardister also should have a great idea of what his constituents want because he has been walking neighborhoods and knocking on doors since January.

(The Rhinoceros Times, Thursday, May 3)