Sunday, May 6, 2012

Letters to the Editor - Rhino Times (Thursday, May 3)

The following are letters to the Editor that appeared in the Thursday, May 3 issue of the Rhino Times:

Hardister raised right

We are asking for your support of our son, Jon Hardister, who is running for NC House District 59. He is a man of sound character, integrity, honesty, dedication and compassion. Above all, he understands the issues facing North Carolina, and he truly wants to make a difference. 

Jon's commitment to being accessible is evidenced by the thousands of voters he has spoken with. Bringing trust and accountability to his constituents as their state representatives is something that he will take seriously. Jon will not participate in partisan politics and he would lead with conservative values. He will dedicate himself to the people that have put him in office.

We need fresh, young,energetic representatives in Raleigh who will work to get North Carolina on the right track. Jon is exactly the type of person we need in office during these challenging times. We hope that you will support our son and vote for him on Tuesday, May 8.

Wayne and Carolyn Hardister

We need Hardister in office

We've known Jon Hardister since he was in high school. He graduated from Greensboro College with a degree in political science. We have observed that he has the ability to communicate with people of all ages. While in college Jon worked with Howard Coble and learned the importance of establishing good people skills as well as being accessible. He is a very caring individual. We grew up in Southeast Guilford County and Jon is exactly the type of person to represent Guilford County and North Carolina with honesty and integrity. Jon Hardister is the person we need in office.

Scott and Judy Alexander

Hardister has determination

You may have seen Jon Hardister, candidate for NC House District 59, knocking on your front door. After all, he has personally visited over 3,000 citizens' homes to talk with them about his solutions for our most pressing needs in Guilford County and North Carolina. An advocate for less government regulation, lower tax burdens for citizens and businesses, and a proven determination to listen to the voice of the electorate makes him the best candidate for the tasks ahead of him in the General Assembly. As a former representative, I know what it takes to make a real difference in Raleigh - good solutions and a work ethic to make it happen. Vote Jon Hardister for a strong voice in Raleigh. 

Laura Wiley, former NC House District Representative

Hardister would be voice for public

I am writing this letter on behalf of Jon Hardister who is running for the North Carolina House in this year's upcoming elections. Some of you may have heard this name before as this is his second time running. I have had the unique opportunity of getting to know Jon better on both a personal and a professional level. 

Jon is a determined, hardworking, well-educated person who brings a new perspective to politics. Jon is one of those individuals who still stands by his word, something that I think some people have forgotten how to do. Jon believes in everything that he stands for and makes it a priority to listen to citizens. He is always taking about being accessible, accessible to citizens who have concerns, and he listens to those concerns.

Politicians are supposed to be representatives of the public, and are supposed to be a voice for the concerns of the public. Jon is that representative - he wants to be the voice for the public. 

Vote for Jon.

Kendall Murphy

Hardister more the sound bites

Two years ago, while running for the NC House in District 58, I met Jon Hardister, who at the time was running an excellent campaign in an adjacent district. I had a front row seat watching Jon as he worked tirelessly to connect with the constituents of his district while respectfully engaging his opponent. Jon is well-grounded, keenly aware of the issues and, frankly, an excellent listener. With redistricting, Jon Hardister is now one of the candidates running to represent my home district, which is NC House District 59. 

In today's faced pace sound bite world of politics, it is difficult to make a choice between candidates. Jon Hardister will be an excellent representatives of the people of NC House District 59. Please consider giving him your support on May 8.

Darin Thomas

Hardister listens to citizens

I am writing to encourage everyone in NC House District 59 to vote for Jon Hardister. Jon is a young professional who is energetic, and he is an extremely hard worker. He is a fiscal conservative, and he understands the issues that are facing North Carolina. I feel that these are the exact qualities we need injected into our state government.

Jon has been campaigning door to door and taking every opportunity he can to talk with the people he will represent. He has taken the time to listen to the concerns of our citizens, and he truly wants to make a difference. He has a unique ability to truly listen and engage people effortlessly. 

Jon has intangibles that make him a unique person. These are traits that can't be taught or learned. Therefore, I wholeheartedly and without reservation endorse Jon Hardister for NC House District 59. I encourage strong voter support for him in the primary election on May 8.

Chris Lawyer