Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Laura Wiley Endorses Jon Hardister for NC House

Former NC House Rep. has offered a public endorsement of our campaign. It is an honor to receive her endorsement. Mrs. Wiley was kind enough to release the following statement:

You may have seen Jon Hardister, candidate for House District 59, knocking on your front door. After all, he has personally visited over 3,000 of citizens homes to talk with them about his solutions for our most pressing needs in Guilford County and North Carolina. An advocate for less government regulation, lower tax burdens for citizens and businesses, and a proven determination to listen to the voice of the electorate makes him the best candidate for the tasks ahead of him in the General Assembly. As a former Representative, I know what it takes to make a real difference in Raleigh - good solutions and a work ethic to make it happen. Vote Jon Hardister for a strong voice in Raleigh.

Laura Wiley
Former NC House District 61 Representative